Central Girls’ Golf Star Makes History

Hayasaki picks up her ball after her amazing hole-in-one. Photo courtesy of Mia Hayasaki

A freshman girl has taken the area’s golf program by storm. Pulling off incredible shots during the first month of school and being a two-sport athlete, Mia Hayasaki has hit the ground running. During a four-team match during the second week of school between Mattoon, Centennial, Decatur Eisenhower, and Central, she hit an almost miraculous hole-in-one on her eighteenth hole at the U of I Blue Course.

By Hayasaki’s eighteenth hole, the Central Maroons were in a tight situation. Any stroke below par hit by Hayasaki would give the Maroons the winning edge on Mattoon, who was closest to them in score at that moment. She had been determined to hit a birdie and only saw the ball hit the green. She did not realize she had hit a hole-in-one until bystanders began to celebrate. Although she did not know at the moment how important her shot was to the Maroon’s victory, she still managed to pull off one of the rarest shots in the game of golf. For most golfers, hitting a hole-in-one is a lifetime goal, with odds as great as 1 in 12,000.

 Hayasaki had also set the unofficial school record score of 79 at the Centennial Invite.

 Coming into freshman year, Hayasaki’s goal was to shoot an 80. However, she broke that goal almost immediately, and has readjusted her goal to par, meaning she would have to shoot 72 or better.

As a freshman, it seems almost unbelievable; she has set an unofficial school record as well as hit one of the rarest shots in golf, all in the first two weeks of high school. It had yet to be done in the history of the school.

Hayasaki is the daughter of former University of Illinois gymnastics head coach, Yoshi Hayasaki. Her dad motivates her to play well, and has taught her everything she knows.

 Hayasaki also plays volleyball for Central as a defensive specialist for the freshman team. Playing two sports in one season, she has to manage her time well between not only golf and volleyball, but with schoolwork as well. To juggle both sports, she sometimes has to skip one practice to attend the other, and vice versa. It takes some coordination and cooperation of the coaches, neither of whom want to lose such a talented athlete.

Hayasaki is definitely someone to keep an  eye on for the future. With such a fantastic start, there is no telling what kinds of things she will accomplish in the future. Although it seems that she has achieved enough for her entire high school career, Hayasaki still has a bright four years ahead of her. If she keeps playing the way she does, Central will have a new star athlete.