Everything You Need to Know About Central’s Clubs



As a new school year begins, opportunities rise for students at Central to be involved. Joining a club is a great way to make friends and get to know more about the school. Clubs look great on applications and cater to interests. The Chronicle has the scoop on the clubs around Central.



Animé Club

Sponsor: Ms. Tandet

Students in Anime Club all have a passion for the art and storylines of animé TV series’ and books. They choose animé to watch during meetings and discuss qualities they like and dislike about it. Members talk about drawing styles and their top choices. Meetings are held in the library after school on Thursdays until 4:00.

Students at Art Club show off their projects. Photo: Ilene Silverman

Students at Art Club show off their projects. Photo: Ilene Silverman

Senior Tiana Webb shared that her favorite part of Anime Club is the great conversations with friends she made.

Art Club

Sponsor: Ms. Silverman

Art Club is for students interested in arts and crafts. Students can spend time working on projects from home or art classes, along with group activities. Ms. Silverman shared, “I am excited to meet the new students that join the art program this year.” Art Club meets on Thursdays after school until 4:30 p.m. in Room 219.

Book Club

Sponsor: Mrs. Pickell

Book Club is open to all grade levels. They meet and discuss books together. This year, students in Book Club will experience three author visits and read books by those authors. Sponsor Mrs. Pickell expressed her excitement going into Book Club. “This will be my first time having a book club. I look forward to hearing different perspectives” The club will meet Tuesdays in the library before school (open to all grade levels), during sixth hour (open to juniors and seniors), and after school.

Creative Writing Club

Sponsor: Mr. Baum

Creative Writing Club gives interested students a chance to write and share many different styles of writing. They have previously been the makers of the literary magazine, Writers Bloc, which has now been moved to the responsibility of the Creative Writing class. They meet Thursdays after school in Room 203 until 4:30 p.m.


Sponsor: Ms. Wilson

Drama Club supports theater as Central. Members do acting activities and other games. As a member there are opportunities to become a Thespian or an honors Drama Club member. They meet the first Friday of every month at 7:30 a.m. in Decker Theater.

French Club

Sponsor: Mme. Kautzer

French Club learns about French culture with different events planned throughout the year. Members meet roughly once a month in Room 117 to celebrate the language and different holidays that may be different from what Americans practice.

Interact Club

Sponsor: Ms. Dietz

Students in Interact Club help the community. They do many service projects as well as raise awareness for different causes. Meetings are held on Fridays at 7:30 a.m. in Room 105.

Math Team

Sponsors: Mr. Hwang and Mr. Ward

Math team was developed to challenge students outside of normal math curriculum. Students learn about math that interests them and prepare for competitions against other schools around the area. Sponsor Do Hwang shared that he looks forward to the opportunity to challenge students. The Club meets Tuesdays after school in Room 306 until 4:30.

Science Olympiad celebrates wins in many events. Photo: Mrs. Fitzgerald

Science Olympiad celebrates wins in many events. Photo: Mrs. Fitzgerald

Science Olympiad

Sponsor: Mr. Knapik

Science Olympiad is a chance to learn about new topics. Members are able to choose from building projects or study projects giving students the chance to do physical projects or learn for a test they will take in competition. “It’s a learning experience,” shared senior Michael Yoo who is excited for study events. Science Olympiad meets on Wednesdays after school in Room 321 until 4:30.

Spanish Club

Sponsors: All Spanish Teachers

Spanish Club works to share Hispanic culture with the student body. Each Spanish teacher organizes activities throughout the year that correspond with Spanish holidays throughout the year. They meet roughly once a month in Room 111 directly after school until 4:15 p.m. Membership is $10 for the semester.

Spectrum Alliance

Sponsor: Mrs. Wilson

Spectrum Alliance promotes the acceptance of all students. It is a group of LGBTQ and allies who sign a pledge to stand up against anti-LGBTQ language and bullying that they see. All students promote ALLY Week and Week of Silence which are events that address bullying. Spectrum Alliance meets on the second Tuesday of each month at 7:30 a.m. in Room 109.

Student Council —
Sponsor: Ms. Pennock

Student Council allows students of all grade levels to have a say in important events in the school. They are responsible for planning and decorating for the Homecoming and Vice Versa dances as well as blood drives. Members meet Tuesdays and Fridays at 7:15 in the Library Lecture Hall.

WYSE (Worldwide Youth in Science and Engineering)

Sponsors: Mrs. Dickinson and Mr. Plattner

WYSE is a challenge for students at Central. Students take college level tests to compete for scholarships at high levels. Meetings are held Thursdays after school to take practice tests until 5 p.m.