Is It Worth Getting The iPhone 6?

Technology has steadily evolved over the last 50-100 years from computers to smart phones. Apple has announced the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus to the public. Even though technology will grow continuously, the problem is the quality and price of these computers and smart phones, such as Apple iPhones and Google Android phones. So, the big question is, is it worth buying the new product if the ones people already have don’t have any existing problems?

Most people have iPhones, from the first generation to the iPhone 5c, which is the current iPhone, however, like any other electronic device, i.e. computers, MP3 players, Apple has yet upgraded to the new iPhone that could change the future of the new smartphone age – the iPhone 6.

The iPhone 6 will have 2 models, one model will be 4.7 inches, the other model will be 5.5. inches, which Apple called “iPhone 6 Plus”. The high definition resolution for the iPhone 6 will be 1,334 x750 pixels while the iPhone 6 Plus will have 1,920 x1,080 pixels. Both of the iPhones will have image digital stabilization, but the iPhone 6 Plus will have a more advanced image digital stabilization, due to its size. Also, the problem is that people may be excited for the phone to come out, but the question is, is it worth getting the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus?

Apple's four most currently released iPhone models -- the 6 Plus, the 6, the 5s, and the 5c.

Apple’s four most currently released iPhone models — the 6 Plus, the 6, the 5s, and the 5c.

Despite the two phones being expensive, a lot of people will be willing to buy it them September 19th. The pre-orders will be released on September 12 with a two-year contract. The iPhone 6 will cost $199 for 16 gigabytes of memory, $299 for the 64GB and $399 for 128GB. The iPhone 6 Plus will cost $299 for 16GB, $399 for 64GB and $499 for 128GB. These prices may seem difficult to most people, but a lot of people are going to buy them because it will be available. Both of the iPhones are great models, but these models are very thin. The iPhone 6 is 6.9 mm while the iPhone 6 is 7.1 mm, so why would buy one of these phones if they might lose the phone? Why would it being thin mean that they lose it? Also, in my opinion, these two phones resemble the Samsung Galaxy phones. If you take the iPhone 6 Plus and the Samsung Galaxy S4 and put the two next to each other, the size would not change much. The Samsung Galaxy S4 is 5.38 inches in height and 2.75 inches in width, so Apple are upgrading these phones to dominate their competitors, Windows and Android phones, for the smartphone age.

 Now, the big question is, is it worth getting the iPhone 6 or the iPhone Plus? You have an iPhone 5c or iPhone 5 or even the first iPhone, and say your phone has no problems. You can read your emails, take pictures and put the pictures on your Instagram page, send texts or make calls to your friends and family, why get either one of these phones? Some people will blow their money to get a phone like this because it is available. The previous phone a person may have, whether it is an iPhone, an Android phone, or a Windows phone, the phone a person might have no problems, but when they see an ad for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, they would run to the electronic store to get one of those phones. Why? The person might be rich or wealthy or the phone is available.

 On the good side, though, Apple has reached its great potential from size to the updated version of IOS 7, which will actually be IOS 8. The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are great models, in my opinion, but if you have an iPhone, an Android phone, or a Windows phone, and it is working properly as the phone should work, do not even worry about getting one of these phones. Be happy with the one you have now and let the use of technology grow continuously until the end of the world.