Looking Back on Homecoming Week 2014

Sunday–The Bonfire

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Left: Juniors and seniors face off during the first half of the Powder Puff game. Right: The juniors block Payton Stillman as she dives into the endzone, pushed on by her senior teammates. Photos: Tiana Webb.


Spirit Week was off to a great start with the Powder Puff football game on Sunday. The seniors won 8-0, with their only touchdown coming early in the game. They were able to score on a two-point conversion thanks to Stillman, but those eight were the only points scored — by either team — for the rest of the game.


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Photos: Tiana Webb


Immediately after the game, the cheerleaders put on a quick performance. Then, the bonfire — and Homecoming Week — officially started.


Monday–Decades Day

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Left: Chronicle writers represent the 1980s and 2000s for Decades Day. Photo: Amanda Runyan. Right: Junior Audrey Akins pays homage to the classic 1950s girl with a pretty, pink poodle skirt. Photo: Chronicle.


On Monday, Central students showed their love for the fashion of the past. Many students wore eighties clothes, but some went as far back as ancient Greece!


Tuesday–Country Day

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Left: Newspaper staff members pose for a photo before the big duel. Right: Junior Nick Hittle reckons that this Spirit Week will be the best yet. Photos: Chronicle.


For Country Day, students and staff wore plaid and camouflage in order to mimic our neighbors to the south. All day, the hallways were swirling with country accents.


Wednesday–Character Day

IMG_2602 IMG_2604

Left: The Chronicle staff shows their school spirit again as (left to right) Sonic the Hedgehog (of SEGA fame), Boo (Monsters, Inc.), Grumpy Bear (Care Bears), and Walter White (Breaking Bad). Right: (left to right) Senior Kate Young as Superwoman, junior Brenda Gonzalez as Little Red Riding Hood, senior Dana Klaus as Luna Lovegood (Harry Potter), and senior Olivia Atkins as Alex Vause (Orange is the New Black). Photos: Chronicle.


Almost every year at Central, Character Day makes its way into Spirit Week. This year was no exception, as it is always very popular with the student body and Central staff.



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Left: Chronicle writers stare down and intimidate their opponents. Right: Juniors (left to right) Olivia Prudhomme, Zoe Lawyer, Maddie LeGrande, Amanda Runyan, Joe Aeilts, and Bradley Dee represent in their sports jerseys. Photos: Chronicle.


For Jerz-Day, students showed love for their favorite professional sports teams, or ones that they had played for. The most popular team was the Chicago Blackhawks.


Friday–Class Color Day


Chronicle staff members swag it up before the Homecoming football game. Photo: Chronicle.


For the final day of Spirit Week, freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors wore their class’ designated colors — white, grey, black, and maroon, respectively — and were ready to cheer on the Maroons as they took on the Centennial Chargers!