The iPhone 6 Plus Bending Controversy

After the release of both the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus on September 19, 2014, all around the internet, there have been some problems with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus bending from other people. The trend #bentgate, was hitting the web after a guy posted a video creasing an iPhone 6 Plus with his own hands. People also on Twitter show their new iPhone 6 Plus’ were also bent, but there are two questions, what makes the iPhone 6 Plus bend and why does the iPhone bend? Well, if you think this is a hoax and people purposely bent their iPhones for a publicity stunt, think again.


The iPhone 6 Plus Test and Comparisons To Other Phones

In order to find that the iPhone 6 does actually bend, a review website called Consumer tested no only the iPhone 6 Plus, but also others phones for comparisons to the iPhone 6 Plus. They have tested the HTC One (M8), the Apple iPhone 6, the LG G3, the Apple iPhone 5, and the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Consumer Reports done the test by supporting the phones by its two ends, in which they have called a “three-point flexural test”. Also, there is force being applied on the top of the phone by using a compressing machine. All of the phones were tested the same and the results are very surprising.


The Results of the Phones

On top, these are the results of the phones based on its case separation and deformation. Notice that the LG G3 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has deformed and its case separation have the same results. The LG G3 was 130 pounds and the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 was 150 pounds. Out of all the phones, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 was bent the most that according to Consumer Reports, “  the Note 3’s screen splintered and it stopped working.”  In comparison to the other phones, the HTC One (M8) and the Apple iPhone 6 was less likely to bend at a deformation of 70 pounds and its case separation for the HTC One (M8) was 90 pounds while the iPhone 6 was 100 pounds after the bending test.

This chart shows the results of the phones that were tested for bending besides the iPhone 6. The other phones include the HTC One (M8), the Apple iPhone 6, the LG G3, the Apple iPhone 5, and the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. [Source:


What Makes The iPhone 6 Plus Bend?

Some people would wonder what makes the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus bend. Both of the phones have a small piece of solid aluminium around the bottom of the volume buttons, where the weak area is. This part of both phones is very thin, which creates the phone to bend.

Fortunately, test show that the screen on the phone does not break, but it could if the phone is bent back. All over the internet since its release, dozens of people on Twitter and other articles show that their phones were bent.For its thinness and larger quality of the both iPhones have high probability of damage.  Look at the Samsung Galaxy Note 3; the  had the highest deformation and its screen broke when the case was separated.


A and B represents the problem in the iPhone 6. A bends the phone and B is the location where the part bends. Source:

The Reflection of the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus

From the first iPhone to the recent iPhone 6 and the 6 Plus, people are going to embraced improved and advanced technology of phones and tablets someday. This was one of the events, where people will be astonished of its new qualities and features. Not only that both of the phones can bend, but it is thinner and larger like the Samsung’s Android phones. Maybe one day, we’ll see Apple, Android, and/or Microsoft make phones that are holographic of that can levitate off the table or desk. Only time will tell when will the new technology of phones will come.