Central’s Most Embarrassing Moments


Emma Atkinson is mortified as she remembers the most embarrassing moment of her freshman year. Photo: Chronicle

Senior Emma Atkinson and a friend were sitting in math class as freshmen and it was their new, very male, very attractive, student teacher’s first day. Mr. Deal introduced him to the class and told the students to welcome him into the class. The two replied — louder than intended, “Oh, we will.” Both Mr. Deal and the student teacher looked over at the girls, with bewildered looks on their faces. “We were so embarrassed,” Atkinson said, recalling the horrific incident.

During last year’s school production of Drop Dead, junior Will Kanter split his costume’s vinyl pants. Luckily, he hadn’t even noticed during the show, but was definitely mortified when people told him about it afterwards.

On a very rainy day, sophomore Taya Westfield was walking through Seely Hall when she slipped in a puddle of standing water. This happened during the rush to get into school in the morning and there were lots of people in Seely at the time. Most of the students who witnessed her unfortunate accident laughed at her, but a few stopped and asked her if she was okay. Despite the kindness from some of her classmates, the event is still a touchy subject for young Westfield.

One day in first-year chemistry, a student decided to bring in an animatronic iguana to class. Senior Virtuous Thomas (a sophomore at the time) was the unfortunate victim of her classmate’s shenanigans. Thomas was sitting one row in front of the other student when she turned on the toy lizard. Thomas heard the lizard’s creepy-crawly robotic noise coming from behind her, so she turned around to investigate and was very frightened by the sight of what appeared to be a real iguana. When she saw the creature slowly walking toward her, she let out a howl and bounded down the steps to the lower part of the lecture hall-style classroom, where she continued to cower in fear.


Champaign Mayor Don Gerard gives a speech under the watchful eye of Pat Quinn. Photo: Don Gerard

As a freshman, Champaign Central graduate Mayor Don Gerard experienced his most embarrassing moment. He had spotted his crush while he was at his locker. Mayor Gerard was about to be cool and talk to her when she pointed out that one of his mother’s knee-high stockings was stuck on the back of his sweater. Gerard is still recovering from this horrific event today, saying, “Next week I hope to make some more progress on healing from the pain with my therapist.”

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