Tiana Webb Finds Her Place in the Music Business

Tiana Webb, a sassy and confident senior at Central, has a passion for sharing new music and ideas with others. She loves anime and has a close bond with her family.

In college Webb plans to major in public relations. She loves the idea of spreading music to people and has high hopes of managing a record label. Although she has never played instruments she has had a passion for music since she was a small child. “I wanted a way I could be in the music business without making the music,” she joked.


Tiana Webb poses with her headphones around her neck. Photo: Chronicle

Webb listens to endless genres of music; she likes a little bit of everything. “Some people don’t know how much music can affect someone,” Webb believes. She likes the challenge of changing someone’s perspective on a song or even the underlying ideas of the songs. With headphones always around her neck, Webb is constantly finding new music to listen to and share.

Tiana’s Top Artists

Gary Clark Jr.

30 Seconds to Mars

Pierce the Veil

Jessie J


India Arie

Her favorite band right now is 30 Seconds to Mars because of the different music videos they have. 30 Seconds to Mars uses a documentary styled music video to emphasize their songs. One of Webb’s favorite songs from their list is Closer to Edge. She loves the way they can make their songs about important ideas in the world by using strong lines such as, “Can you imagine a time when the truth ran free?” in Closer to the Edge.

While music may be her first passion, family is her second. She lives with her mom and stepdad and is the oldest of seven kids. Webb is closest with her sister Desha, who is a freshman at Urbana High School. They love to talk about books and watch anime together. While speaking about her love for anime, she recalled, “My dad always watched anime with us [brothers and sisters] when we were younger, so I grew up with it.”

Her love of anime doesn’t stop there, though. Webb is a part of Central’s Anime Club. She likes the unique qualities to these shows compared to regular television. Unlike most TV shows, anime really conveys a point to the viewers; “they make a statement,” she shared. Webb can be seen every thursday after school at Anime club with her friends, where they watch a variety of shows and talk about what their opinions are of them. “It’s very laid back,” she says. Anime club constantly encourages new members and accepting of anyone who wants to join. Webb enjoys how close the club is and how everyone can be themselves.

Webb is a unique student with a strong passion for her interests.


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