A Sketchy Reflection

WHAT? I’m leaving already? I’ve just started, though! It’s only been…wha…


Two years? That’s how long I’ve been taking this class? Wowzers.

           You know, now that I think about it, my writing style has certainly changed. I remember despising any writing assignments I got when I was in the 6th grade because I considered them too difficult and too long to be worth trying. It’s a surprising feeling to know that growing up actually improves you in more ways than one, simply because I thought grown-ups were evil back then due to watching too much Codename: Kids Next Door. Yep, it sure is cool being a young adult.

           But boy do I miss being a teen. Not having to worry about a job or college, or remembering if you drove all the way to school or not, was a great time to experience. It was during these somewhat-worry-free years that I began writing for the Chronicle, under the leadership of Ms. Wilson. Then, I was the bombastic comic artist that only wrote articles once in a while, but they were nonetheless popular sections of the paper. That’s right, WE PRINTED ONCE. Gosh.

           Now, everything’s digitalized and people are glued to their phones most of the time. It’s become too difficult to time out drawing comics anymore, since it’s extremely easy to publish anything else on the Chronicle website. So, when I started my senior year, I switched to articles only. This, in my opinion, is where my best work came from.

           That being said, I’m going to take the time to read over every digital article I’ve ever written and ‘polish up’ whatever my points where in them, because I feel that I’ve grown enough as a writer to be a self-critic.

           Let’s begin!

Central’s Top 5 Hyped Videogames – 2014

           First of all, I don’t think I have as much ‘swaggering glory’ as much ‘unweaning narcissism’. Second of all, the majority of these games listed range from OK to terrible. Call of Duty? NBA 2K15? Hotline Miami? Who plays any of these games regularly? Furthermore, who enjoyed them? 2K15 only got an 80% rating, which is like a B (for basketball! :D); Advanced Warfare only did well in sales because of its graphics (I know this because of the multitude of graphics awards it received, and the lack of gameplay awards). Sheesh, I take it back, Central High has a mediocre taste in new games.

Money, Minecraft and the Maniacal Microsoft

           This, in my opinion, is the best article I wrote in 2014. I still completely agree with everything I discussed in it, not because I wrote it, but because it’s the truth. Microsoft is the worst perpetrator in regards to buying popular dev teams and forcing them out of their job. I’m still miffed that Minecraft, one of my all-time favorites, had to be in that group, but hey, at least there’s a virtual reality version. Who asked for that?!

On a side note, the Rare team I mentioned earlier in the article are working on a spiritual successor to Banjo-Kazooie called Yooka-Laylee, which stars a green lizard and a purple bat. I’d like to note that green and purple are my least favorite colors to have a combination for, it just looks ugly to me. Regardless, I’m excited to see how it turns out.

Bros. on the Go – Super Smash Bros. 3DS Review

           The Minecraft article might have been the best of mine in 2014, but my Smash 3DS review is my favorite. I pretty much covered every single aspect of the game in detail while at the same time keeping it fresh for new players, just like the game itself appeals to both kinds of ‘gamers’ in a way.

On the other hand, I was planning (for quite a long time) to write a bigger review of the Wii U version of ‘Sm4sh’ and give it a slightly higher rating. This was primarily because there are more control options besides the square-n-chunky 3DS handheld and the graphics were momentously improved, not to mention the plethora of trophies and gamemodes like 8-Player Smash (which is extremely hectic and fun to play). Nonetheless, the whole process of writing the Smash 3DS review was a really great time, so I don’t regret it being the only one of its kind.

I Need a Hiro – Big Hero 6 Review

           Besides the cheesy title, this article was one of the ‘okay’ pieces under my belt because the structure and content of the article itself was a bit lacking compared to others. Yes, I still love the movie and, yes, I still think Frozen was severely overpraised, but I don’t know if the movie really holds up compared to other Disney classics like The Incredibles. Maybe it’s just because the movie’s old now, I don’t know. Disney is weird.

Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric Review – We Deserve Better

           Boy, oh boy, Sonic the Hedgehog. Time and time again he pops back up from the nether world to bring us games that could either be a shining gem or a horrific demon. I still stand by what I said: this game is worse than Sonic 2006 ever was, but that doesn’t mean the article was good. This was my third review-article in a row. I believe my word choice was a bit too simplistic and childish this time around (perfectly complimenting the game, might I add). I sound more like a ‘budding’ YouTube critic that pretends to be AVGN way too much. If there was anything I regret about this article, it’s that I put quotes around every single copyrighted title, which was too distracting.

Top 5 Hyped Videogames of 2015

           I still can’t stop thinking about Mario Maker. Recent news revealed that you can share levels with other people AND create more than eight worlds of custom stages! It’s going to be great sitting down with your friends and thinking about where to put fire flowers and goombas.

           Meanwhile, Splatoon is releasing really soon and people who played the demo enjoyed it a lot, so the excitement is building. There isn’t much else to say, it was a nice throwback article.

Student Spotlight: Debrae Richter-Shae

           Let it be formally declared that, even though I was voted ‘Best Artist’ in the senior class, Debrae still has a better time drawing whatever she draws, which I deem more likely to succeed in the artistry business.

           Doesn’t mean I’m not second-best, though!
The Truth is In the Code – Central’s Website Blocking

           This was supposed to be our mandatory ‘serious business’ topic-based article, but I took it as an opportunity to complain about not being able to access perfectly safe websites like YouTube. In the end, I think the point I was trying to make still applies, but I think the article itself was a little too spastic layout-wise, with new paragraphs every ten words. Also, I hope readers who view the article don’t think the picture at the top is an actual blocking instance…it’s just a picture.


           I had a fantastic time writing and drawing for the Chronicle after all these years. I will never forget walking into the classroom for the first time and immediately feeling a sense of friendship and teamwork among the fellow editors, and I hope that you loyal followers of the Bro with the Fro will continue to worship his shining wit and excellent haircut.


Thank you.

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