You Know You’re a Natural When…

1.“Can I touch your hair?”

 This woman deserves an award Photo: Matriculable2

This woman deserves an award.
Photo: Matriculable2


  1. Having more natural hair products than Audre Lorde herself

  Having more natural hair products that Audre Lord herself

This photo is just so satisfying.

Photo: Vissa Studios Vissa Studios


3.Waking up in the middle of the night because your satin bonnet came off

awake at night gif

Black girls have a sixth sense when it comes to that head scarf.

Photo: Twitter


  1. Leaving a grease mark from your shea butter or coconut oil on every place that you lay your head

grease mark on chair


Photo: Leather Repairs


  1. You’re subscribed to Naptural85 on Youtube

deat naptural

Don’t even front, this woman saved your life.

Photo: Natural Fantastic


  1. “OMG!! You should straighten your hair!”



AKA “ OMG!! You should be white!”

Photo: Tumblr


  1. When you see another natural in the street


Us naturals gotta stick together!

Photo: Tumblr


  1. This picture smells like shea butter with a hint of coconut oil, infused with frankincense


Turn up for natural hair, am I right or am I right y’all.

Photo: Pinterest


  1. Having to choose between finishing your hair at night or getting some sleep and waking up

looking like Don King in the ring

naptural95 twist out pic

Either way, this just flat out sucks

Photo: Youtube


  1. When that twistout has you feeling yourself



Photo: Pinterest


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