A Loving Home

The first horse I rode after my mother’s horse died when I was in fourth grade was a huge draft horse named Molly. Molly lives at SHARE, a nonprofit organization in rural Dewey that saves horses from dangerous conditions, nurses them back to health, and puts them up for adoption.

I have been a volunteer at SHARE for four years and have been fortunate enough to witness some beautiful things. Among these miracles was the birth of Titan, the tiniest horse at SHARE.

Titan baby

Titan at just a couple days old. Photo: SHARE

Titan’s future was looking pretty grim for awhile. He was born premature and required several plasma transplants to keep him alive. He spent weeks at the emergency vet clinic in Purdue receiving intensive care. Eventually he was strong enough to come home to SHARE, where his health has been monitored carefully.

Titan is now healthy and strong and loves to race around his pen while his mother, Tammy, stands by and keeps watch.

Titan is not the only success story of SHARE. In 2011, SHARE rescued ten horses from Toledo that were all dangerously underweight and in extremely poor condition. These horses were able to be nursed back to health and most of them have found forever homes.

Perhaps the most personal success story I have witnessed was Ace’s adoption. Ace was born with relaxed pasterns. His owner gave him up immediately after he was weaned and he spent several months at SHARE. During his time there, my mother grew quite fond of Ace and eventually made the decision to adopt him. Ace transformed completely; he is now broke to ride and does not spook at much of anything.

It is stories like these that make volunteering at SHARE worthwhile. Each of the horses has their own story story and personality. And like any shelter, every horse patiently waits for his or her forever home.

Titan and Molly

Titan and Molly greeting through the fence. Photo: SHARE

Unfortunately, not all of the horses at SHARE will find a forever home. For horses like Molly, the first horse I rode at SHARE who has been diagnosed with a disease that prevents her muscles from storing glucose for energy, SHARE is their permanent home. Luckily for Molly, she is in good hands at the shelter and is quite pampered. Molly gets free run of the property and enjoys hanging out in the cornfield and picking up the scraps of the other horses’ breakfasts.

The horses at SHARE all have a unique background and personality and long for a forever home. I, as a passionate volunteer, hope to one day see each and every horse find their new loving family.

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