A Cry For Help: The Syrian Refugee Crisis

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On March 15, 2011, millions of Syrians locked their homes and joined each other in mass protest all around the country. What started off as protests rapidly turned into a full-fledged Civil War. As the war raged on, many homes were destroyed and even more lives were taken. People were not able to stay in their homes without having to wake up every morning fearing that they, or someone they loved, was going to be a victim to the onslaught around them. Instead of staying in Syria, millions of Syrians, over the course of a few years, fled in the cover of the night and went to nearby countries. Now, there are 12 million Syrian refugees with nowhere to go other than tents set up on borders of countries with no clean water, a scant amount of food, and inadequate health care.Since the Syrian Refugee Crisis has become a global issue, it is crucial for governments, as well as government leaders, to allow Syrian refugees into their countries.


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Ever since the start of the Syrian conflict, Syrians have been denied their human rights. On December 10, 1948, the UN wrote a famous document entitled the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. In this document, it addresses the undeniable rights of every human in every country through a set of 30 laws (articles). In article 14 it states “ Everyone has the right to seek and to enjoy in other countries asylum from persecution.” When Syrian refugees went to other countries seeking help, nearby countries began helping but many others such as Canada, United States, as well as many european countries, denied them the chance to seek an asylum within other countries from prosecution. When countries denied refugees a chance to reside in their countries, they are not only going against the laws of the 14th article as well as many other articles, they are denying the very rights of Syrian refugees.


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Syrian refugees also suffer from horrible living conditions since not enough countries are accepting to help them. The refugees currently live in makeshift tents, chicken coops, or any empty solid building they can find, in order to live to see another day. Most refugees have no clean water to drink, they do not have enough food to eat, and they have no health care. Many refugees, especially children,  are dying from the cold, starvation, and diseases. Instead of countries opening their borders and accepting them, they are letting innocent children and other refugees to die off and having them become another number in a never ending Civil War.


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Many countries do not accept Syrian Refugees since they do not want terrorist groups to enter their country through the refugees. Ever since the emergence of ISIS as well as the attacks on Paris, many countries around the world have increased security to protect themselves and their citizens. What the countries tend to neglect is that first off, not only has the Syrian Government killed thousands of civilians, ISIS has killed just as many. In not letting the refugees into their country, they may have slightly protected themselves against certain radical and extremist groups, but many more Syrians have died from those groups, and will continue to face their terrorism if they stay. A second thing they neglect is that obtaining a refugee status takes a long time if one was to correctly give refugee status. An extremist group will not wait that long period of time to achieve refugee status in order to “strike” the country, they would do so without that status, as they had done in many places before.


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The Syrian refugees are living in a time of great struggle and many ordeals. They have nothing left except for hope that gives them the will to keep living. They hope that one day, they can return to their normal lives but after their struggles, will their lives ever be the same? It is important for countries to unite with the Syrian refugees and end their crisis and restore peace within their land, and their hearts.

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