Is Star Wars: The Force Awakens the best Star Wars yet?

Warning: Spoilers about the movie are in this article


In my opinion, “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” is not only a good movie, but is in fact the best Star Wars movie yet. This is for three main reasons:

The first reason that I believe this is the best Star Wars movie yet is because the most beloved character the one who everyone loves, Han Solo, a major character from the original series, makes a strong return in the new movie. According to the quote from movie reviewer Terri Schwartz, “Solo plays a major role throughout the movie, and Ford’s take on a more aged version of the beloved character plays true to what fans know about him.” This is saying that Han Solo, one of the older characters in the saga, is back and better than ever. In my opinion, this is because he returns to the Millennium Falcon with Chewbacca. Ford’s acting in this movie makes the entire movie more memorable and very phenomenal. In this movie, Ford gets more screen time, and is able to flaunt his acting abilities as one of the lead actors. This allows the viewer to see their favorite characters next to new characters, which makes the older favorites much more memorable.


The second reason that I believe this movie is the best in the saga is because it continues building on the theme of “family”, which has always played a crucial role in the saga, and it’s even more important in this one. According to the quote from movie reviewer Paul Asay; “Family has always been an improbably big part of the Star Wars universe, and we again see the stubborn love of family powerfully at work here. And the series mainstay of ‘It’s never too late to do better’ also reemerges.’” After I saw the scene of Han Solo’s death, I could tell that this would be my favorite of the saga, and this quote sums up why. My interpretation of this quote is that in this movie, family is even more important than in the previous ones because Kylo Ren, or Ben, kills Han Solo, while trying to act as if he is returning to the light side of the force. And at the same time, Rey’s family abandons her, forcing her to become a scavenger. All of this makes the development of the family theme much, much more important than in this previous movies!


Many critics are claiming that this movie is “just a remake of a previous movie.” This can be shown by the quote, which I disagree with, from the movie reviewer Gerardo Valero: “Here again we have a cute but determined droid that has been loaded with valuable information, dropped in a desert type planet and found by a character who’s clearly a diamond in the rough. Their chance encounter will take them on a journey that will conclude with the destroying of an[sic] planet-buster Death Star in a battle where dozens of ships will fly in opposite directions without any of them colliding.” This quote can be disproven through the fact that, in my opinion, since new character show up, and the old movies have about all of the same characters, then this is just one hundred percent false! Because of these new characters, it makes an entirely different story. And the addition of a new Jedi made this movie even better, considering she didn’t even believe it herself.


The third and, in my opinion, most important reason is that this movie builds on a traditional Star Wars theme that anyone has the chance to redeem himself or herself. According to the quote, also from Paul Asay; “I like that. It illustrates the biblical point that while we all do evil deeds, we are not irredeemably evil. As dark as our souls are, there’s the hope of light that’s freely given to each of us.” When Finn, the stormtrooper who wants to rebel because he became enlightened about the first order, helps Poe escape from the first order, he is showing all of us that he wants to redeem himself from the chaos of the first order. This is the first time that a supposed enemy helps someone so that he can redeem himself in the entirety of the Star Wars Saga. Because of this, Finn escapes and makes the redeeming aspect of Star Wars even larger than it already was!



So, as all of the evidence shows my opinion, as “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” is the best movie in the saga. The first reason, reappearances, mainly Han Solo, makes the movie much better in that the older characters show much more emotion than in the previous movies, and as their acting is better, it is enhanced by the newer characters. My next reason, family, shows that the more emotional that the older characters, and the newer characters, are, the better the movie becomes with the family aspect. The final reason was the redemption. This is the most important reason because without this reason, the family aspect wouldn’t be there as much, as well as the reappearances wouldn’t matter mostly because the family isn’t there anymore. So, in my opinion, this is the best Star Wars movie in the entirety of the Star Wars movie saga!

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