“Let him take u out on constant dates and when he tries to determine the relationship tell him you thought you were just friends #WasteHisTime2016” This is just one example of many of how to waste a man’s time in 2016. This is the idea behind the new hashtag #WasteHisTime2016. A hashtag that started just a few days after the new year is a way for women to express stories of how men have treated them badly and wasted their time. The difference this time is that now, in the tweets, the person posting the tweet is the one committing the bad deed. The hashtag allows woman to share their experiences with men and relationships with other people who have gone through the same things. The pushback from it is that there is a huge double standard that comes with how men and even some women responded to the hashtag.

Although the double standard was not extremely obvious to everyone at first, it was there. Men and even a good majority of women started attacking the women that were making the tweets. The majority of people were looking at the situation as a joke, but weren’t realizing the double standard behind it. Even though men had actually done what had been put into the tweets, the second the women started to say that they were going to do it to men, it was insane. This is so common in today’s society. Men start to feel attacked by strong, independant women who will not take crap from anyone. They will play girls all day every day to be known as funny, players, and look good to their friends, but when the tables turn, they think girls are insane.

Even though most women hopped right on board with the hashtag and took to expressing their own ideas, stories, and tweets, some women highly disagreed with the hashtag. Women were also saying how crazy this made women look and how this will cause girls to have a lonely Valentine’s Day. Some even started to make the point that this was disgraceful to the female gender, making us look bad. Why are women the ones looking bad when they are just expressing things that men have actually put them through? There is a very harsh double standard that comes with the idea behind is extremely apparent because even though it is guys that do this they aren’t the ones getting called names. When girls simply just switch around the story making themselves the “bad guy” they get called many names. Men are the reason behind many of these stories happening and being made into tweets and memes, but just because the women are making jokes of it and expressing how they will do it to men, it becomes unheard of. While girls should be supporting each other and looking at the fact that it is actually very sad that so many women get put through the same awful things by men, they are taking to calling each other crazy for even putting the idea of doing that to a guy out there. When men actually do what the tweets say, it is “just guys being guys” and just another “player” but when a girl does nothing but tweet about these actions, she is the psycho ones.

As funny as this new hashtag was, it also came with a lot of unforeseen meaning behind it. Women can laugh and joke about being treated wrongly by men, but at the end of the day, we are sick and tired of men getting away with treating us badly. Not to say that they are not women that treat men badly as well, but when they do, does anyone say, “just girls being girls”? The continual realization of double standards continue to show themselves in our everyday life.




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