Bella Johnson, The Voice of Truth

“I want to tell the truth because I have been lied to and people deserve the truth,” Central junior Bella Johnson said.DSC03360

Bella’s passionate about wanting a career in broadcasting. She believes that a small white lie can turn into a big lie, and that turns into a lie that’s too overwhelming for her ears to hear. Bella being the curious and adventurous person she is wants to expose the lies.

“I like to know more things than what’s there,” Bella said.

Broadcasting will form her to be the person she wants to be, and accepting the fact that she is not perfect.

“Something I like about myself is knowing that I’m not perfect,” Bella said. “I want to express different ways and perspectives on the truth.”

Bella believes that broadcasting will be a challenge because she will have to accept that everyone is not open to the truth. 
“People don’t deserve to be lied to, so with a career in broadcasting I can help people,” Bella said. “I want to broadcast because I don’t like liars.”

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