Spirit Daze

With Homecoming week quickly approaching, Champaign Central High School’s Student Council and Administration have been tweaking and changing details of this yearly tradition for the school. Spirit week days, pep rally activities, and dance themes have been voted on and changed many times since the beginning of the year.img_2802

Homecoming week kicks off Sunday, September 25th, with the powder puff game and bonfire. The following week, Monday through Friday, will consist of 5 spirit days. These days are voted on by Central’s Student Council club, which is in charge of planning and preparing the school for Homecoming week.

Champaign Central senior Ryan Anton, treasurer of Student Council, is the head of the Spirit Week committee this year. As officers, it has been a big goal to change things up and keep everyone’s interest strong during this exciting week of the school year. It is important to Student Council to keep our school’s events progressive and fun, not doing the same things each year.

“We’ve had many complaints about Homecoming week being the same every year. Days like Twin Day and Jersey Day are very common crowd favorites when voting, but they end up being less fun than new days we could bring to the week. We originally had a lot more options, but things kind of defaulted back to the same old things in the end,” Ryan explained when asked for his motivation behind wanting a change.

Central Sophomore Anna Livingston also agrees that it is important to continue to change this week and other activities. She thinks that the student body loses interest in school spirit when we repeat the same days and activities every year, and things are much more fun when everyone is participating and having a good time.

“Getting people excited for Homecoming week starts with fun days and themes. Without getting people involved, spirit week loses the hype and the excitement from students”.

img_2716There has been some complication between the Student Council and Central administration this year regarding approval for dance themes and spirit days. While the students don’t want the same things each year, changing them has been a challenge to get new things approved.

“While the administration’s approval has definitely been a road block towards our goals this year, I understand their reasoning behind not allowing certain days and themes. Their ultimate goal is to protect our student body and I see the need for them to veto certain ideas, it has just been a bit of a challenge. We’ve been able to change some other things up like the pep rally and adding new features to the dance, so we’re hoping it’ll be a great week for everyone,” Ryan Anton said in regards to the challenge this year in getting things approved.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Homecoming spirit weeks will begin Monday, September 26th, and go until the Friday of the football game, September 30th. The days are as follows: Monday-Twin Day, Tuesday-Tacky Tourist Day, Wednesday-Character Day, Thursday-Jersey Day, Friday-Class Colors Day. Participation from all students, no matter what grade, is encouraged! Show your school spirit and your support for our football team at their homecoming game against Urbana next Friday! Go Maroons!

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