Sydney Olson, New Life through Religion

Growing up in a non-religious home, Champaign Central senior Sydney Olson describes having DSC03372friendships that were not very meaningful or deep. This changed once she found her church, and her life changed for the better.

During her middle school and high school years, Olson describes herself to be not as happy.

“I wasn’t surrounding myself with the right people for me,” Sydney said. “I couldn’t relate to some of my friends.”

During this time, Sydney described relationships as being very one-sided and difficult without “one thing to guide” them which made relationships strained.

“Some old relationships were about helping the other person grow, ” Sydney said. “But, then I wasn’t improving myself.”

Things improved when she started going every week with a friend. She also started attending Bible studies and youth groups hosted by the church.

“A big change in my life happened when I surrounded myself with people who share my priorities and morals,” Sydney said.

Attending church on a more daily basis brought on a change in the people she would prefer being around, and eventually deeper relationships were formed.

She credits religion with helping her become more positive, and she credits the friends she made through her religion with helping her surround herself with better people.

“In finding my relationship with Christ I found my passion for helping others, and trying to better understand them.” 

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