Parade Cancelled? Miscommunication Almost Ends School Tradition

The streets are empty, the band is silent, and the homecoming queen is headed home.

During the month of September, while the members of student council have been busy planning for the homecoming parade, a confusing mishap occurred at Champaign Central High School when student council officers became aware that faculty members were under the impression that there was not going to be a homecoming parade this year.

img_4932On September 13th, student council president, Sydney Olson and Vice-president, Hannah Perkinson, went to talk to administration after school to confirm the parade route. However, all of the office secretaries seemed to be confused and did not know what Olson and Perkinson were talking about.

“Everyone had said we weren’t having one and I guess it spread to all the faculty,” Olson said. “So no one really knew why we needed a parade route confirmed for a parade that wasn’t happening.”

After being sent to all of the different offices, Olson and Perkinson ended up in the athletic office, where they found out why all of the secretaries had confused faces when they asked to confirm the route. The staff members thought that there was not going to be a parade this year due to the miscommunication between Mr. Woods and the rest of the staff after he told them there was not going to be any class floats.

“It was frustrating,” said Corinne Pennock, the student council advisor. “I always try to make sure that students have an easy time putting things together.”

Along with staff members, the students of Central High School have also been confused because they are hearing both things, that there is going to be a parade and that there is not going to be one this year.

“It wasn’t administration, it was my fault,” said Mr. Woods. “Probably due to over-caffeination and not enough exercise.”

Corinne Pennock was becoming stressed out trying “to get everyone on the same page” because of how much work had already been put into it but luckily this misunderstanding was caught and corrected.img_4926

Mr. Woods loves seeing everyone get pumped up during homecoming week. He says he has seen both when our football team has had good seasons and when the team has had not so good seasons, but the enthusiasm has stayed the same.  

The homecoming parade is scheduled to take place after the pep rally on Friday, September 30. There will be several floats sponsored by different clubs in our school, as well as marching band, the cheerleaders and the football team.  

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