Stressed About College? You Don’t Have To Be


Entrance to the University of Illinois Campus. photo: Google

For many seniors, the fall semester is a time of high stress. There are application deadlines for schools, scholarships, financial aid, and more, and if you’re like most seniors, you probably haven’t started.

Luckily, Central has lots of help available to make the confusing process of college applications easier for students. This year, Central is using the website Naviance ( to help facilitate the application process and to group everything together in one place.  

“The first thing we are asking is that seniors turn in the pink Naviance transcript release form,” said Central’s College and Careers Center counselor Mr. Tanner.

This allows central to send your transcript to any college you ask them to. Without the form, Central is not authorized to release your transcript.


Many colleges are members of the Common App, which helps to streamline the application process. photo: Google

Naviance also links with the Common App ( to show your counselors how far along in the application process you are.

Despite this, Mr. Tanner stressed the importance of talking to your teachers and counselors “face to face.” While you can do things like request teacher recommendations and counselor help through Naviance, it is important to let people know of your intentions before making the official request on Naviance.

In adidtion to Naviance, Central has its own College and Careers Center website at  

“The college and career website is updated on a daily basis with scholarship information, loan information, and the calendar of college reps that are visiting central,” said Mr. Tanner.

Mr. Tanner strongly recommends that students attend the college representative business if they have any interest in attending a school. The visits allow people a chance to learn more about a specific school without traveling for an on campus visit.

Financial Aid is another area of college applications that can be stressful. Luckily, Central is able to offer help to those who need it. On October 11th, from 6:00 to 8:00 PM Central will host a “FAFSA Completion Lab’ to help students and their parents fill out the federal financial aid forms.

Additionally, Mr. Tanner wants students to “start looking at scholarships,” as well as any other form of financial. Your GPA and your ACT score can help you qualify for even more help, and you should contact schools you are interested in to find out more about the financial aid packages they offer.

All Illinois public state schools will provide discounts for in-state applicants, but “there are schools that surround Illinois that offer in-state tuition to Illinois residents,” said Mr. Tanner.

Ultimately, the college application process is stressful and time consuming, but it does not have to be one that you undertake alone. “If any senior needs any advice, help, or support they should come to me or their individual counselor,” said Mr. Tanner.



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