That New School Learning

The futuristic society we once dreamed of is starting to happen. Computers are almost everywhere and it’s starting to be incorporated into Central High School’s curriculum. The effects, like any dystopian society, has good and bad sides that affect the students.

Central had chromebooks and access to computer labs in the previous years but this year there was a decision to spend money to get more chromebooks in the classrooms and to use online resources to help students learn.

“I’m still learning how to use the technology in my classroom, ” French teacher Jamie Schrader said. “but I think the students are more engaged and interactive with the lesson when using the chromebooks in class.”

Because Central decided to use more technology in their classroom, students now have access to more online resources through schoology and google classroom to access their assignments.

“I like that Central is using more technology for classes, “ Junior Ricardo Castellon said. “I have three classes that use the internet and I find it easier for me to work on my papers, access books and do my annotations with these resources.”

However, students without access to the internet have different experiences than the students who do have the privilege of having access to technology at home. Some teachers try to assist the students who do not have access to the online resources.

“I modify the assignment for these students or print off the homework I assigned for them,” Schrader said. “I give access to the chromebooks in my room, write them a pass to the library when they need it or give a heads up to the the student so that they can find time to do the assignment. For this reason, I don’t make every night an online assignment.”

A student who wishes to be anonymous said that while some of her teachers are understanding others expect the students to find a way to do their assignments.

“This year my teacher wanted the class to blog whenever the teacher felt like it,” the student said. “She didn’t bother asking if everyone had computers at home and when I told her that I didn’t have a computer at the moment, she said okay but didn’t try to help me complete the assignment. She just wanted me to complete the assignment online and on time.”

Although students enjoy using the chromebooks in class, Castellon admitted that he didn’t learn better with the computers.

“When it comes to learning, I am more of a paper kind of guy,” he said. “With paper, I feel like I am more focused when I do my work.”

The anonymous student also said that “she doesn’t learn better with the computers” but the fact remains that the students and the staff like the use of the computers in the classroom.
“I like the use of computers in my Foreign Language class,” the anonymous student said. “The websites that my spanish teacher uses are really helpful when you are learning vocab because it tells you how to spell and use the word in a sentence.”

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