Should Helicopter Parents be Flying Their Kids Through Life?

Studies show that parents who are unable to allow their children to be independent and self sufficient through their life actually cause long lasting problems for their precious, sheltered loved ones. As students approach the transition from high school to college and adulthood, it is proven that so called “helicopter parenting” is more detrimental to a young person’s success than granting them more freedom and allowingqtq80-sb46ed them room for mistakes.

By shielding children from the temptations that most teenagers experiment with at this age, they are actually setting them up to make these mistakes later in life, when they no longer have the overwhelming help and support of parents and family. Teenagers need to be allowed to make their own mistakes and learn from them- preferably before it’s too late. Teenagers who were kept from trying things such as drugs and alcohol as high schoolers, or given crazy punishments for doing so, are often more likely to try these things when they go to college. Parents who talk to their children and warn them about these things are doing significantly more to prepare them to fight challenges in the real world than parents who create impossible standards and large punishments.

This is not saying parents should encourage their children to binge drink in high school. However, if they make it impossible to test these things out as a teenager by keeping them from every chance to break a rule, they’re surely going to be interested in “trying it out” as a college student with too much freedom to know what to do with.

On a less important scale in comparison to the possibility of major health issues and addiction, this type of parenting simply decreases the child’s ability to manage and organize themselves when they are no longer living with or relying on their parents. Parents who are still waking up their kids up for school as high schoolers or packing their lunch with a sweet note every day are teaching their student that being self-reliant is unimportant, when in reality one of the biggest changes from high school to college is the self-sufficiency and independence needed to perform well. Kids can get through high school with both eyes closed when their parents are doing all the extra work for them, but they better wake up before college starts.

“Helicopter parents” most always have good intentions for their kids. Hopefully all parents just want the best opportunity for success to be available for their child, and if not there is a whole different problem than helicopter parenting. These parents are not at fault for caring too much about their child, but caring more about the present day and not accounting for future issues is a problem that can be changed if they acknowledge the faults in their parenting.

As a senior in high school who has moderately lenient parents  who have pushed me to be self-sufficient and independent from a young age, I can say, because of this, that I feel prepared for what is coming after high school. Many students can’t say the same thing, and it can very well be blamed on the lack of “tough love” they have experienced throughout their childhood.

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