Why homework, why?

Have you ever wondered why is homework worth a grade when it’s just review, or why school already takes about eight hours of your day, and then wants you to do another one-and-a-half to two-and-a-half hours or more of homework every day? If you need a grade for the homework because you didn’t do as well on the previous test, then the students will do most likely do it. This is why homework shouldn’t be worth a grade unless it is only used to help, not hurt, your grade.

Regarding my first statement, homework shouldn’t be worth a grade because it’s just review for a test. It can actually make you more stressed because you won’t have as much time to study for the things that you actually need to be studying for. If teachers are wanting to assign homework, then teachers should assign it as being optional so that their students can study for things that are more important at that point in time.  In addition, homework may actually be unhealthy for students. Research is showing that too much homework actually causes higher levels of stress AND physical health problems like migraines, ulcers and other stomach problems, sleep deprivation and exhaustion, and weight loss.

My second argument is that homework is getting in the way of students social lives. Students should have the last eight hours of their day, if they sleep for eight hours, to themselves. However, with homework, they have to spend less time with their friends and family. Research shows that the average amount of time spent on homework for high-schoolers is one-and-a-half to two-and-a-half hours, meaning that about 42% of the whole 24-hour day is doing schoolwork and homework. About 63% of the time awake is spent doing schoolwork and classwork, leaving only 37% of their time to themselves, or about six hours, if they sleep 8 hours a day, that is. Also, if the students have a job, then it makes it even harder for you to keep that job with the homework because you don’t have as much time to work, a maximum of six hours a day, which might get you fired, even at a part-time job.


If you’re needing a grade for your homework, then you probably need to do the homework to get a better grade in the class. If you need to raise your grade, the homework is the correct option; however, if you don’t need to raise your grade then why do you want to lower your grade because you didn’t do the homework on time because you had other things to focus on? Research also shows that there is the link between homework and academic achievement is compared differently in each study, so it cannot be proven.

While some parents and teachers might think that homework is necessary for students to show their independence on class material, in all actuality, it doesn’t. Research actually shows that homework is NOT linked to test scores, meaning that homework doesn’t help independence on the subject of the homework.

In short, homework can cause physical health problems, emotional health problems, social life problems, and cannot be proven to raise your academic achievement. All of these reasons, and more, contribute to why homework should be optional.


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