Save the Giraffes!

Take a second and look at yourself and your peers and think to yourself: How many of them love giraffes? You may be surprised when you realize that these friendly giants are loved by almost everyone you know.

Now think to yourself: Would you care if you never saw another giraffe again? Of course you would. Something about seeing those tall gifts from God just sparks pure happiness in my heart, if even just for a few moments.

Open your eyes people.

These animals are on the risk of endangerment list for the first time ever. For years, giraffes were under the category of “no concern” and now, they are under the category of “vulnerable”.

On a scale of 1-5, 1 being “no concern” and 5 being “endangered”, “vulnerable” is about a 2, but don’t let that fool you into believing we don’t have a problem on our hands. Keep in mind that climate change is as big of a problem as it is today because the human race has failed to do anything to prevent it.

A giraffe

If you go on a safari, giraffes are everywhere,” Dr. Julian Fennessy said in an interview with BBC. “While there have been great concern about elephants and rhinos, giraffes have gone under the radar but, unfortunately, their numbers have been plummeting, and this is something that we were a little shocked about, that they have declined by so much in so little time.”

Dr. Fennessy agrees that if we don’t do anything anytime soon, this problem could become a lot bigger.

Wild giraffes can only be found in Africa, but their habitat has been shrinking gradually as Africa’s human population has been growing, which leads to more land being used for farming and other forms of development.

You can help by doing your part as a citizen to prevent climate, and if you live in Africa you can help even more by not infiltrating their habitat. You can also help in making giraffes’ potential endangerment common knowledge by spreading this message.

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