Which Speedcube Should you get for Christmas?

The first thing that you should know about the Rubik’s cube is that there’s more to it than one might expect. Other than just trying to solve it, cubers need to know how to set it up correctly, which includes lubricant and tensions. Then there’s the fact that there are many different cubes on the market. The Rubik’s Cube you choose is very dependent on price, what cubers call “corner-cutting,” and the type of lubricant that they have to lubricate their cubes with.

While I’ll try to give you my best opinion, you may need more information. For more information, I would recommend visiting The Cubicle because they are able to tell you more about all of this. Also, this website sells all types of speedcubes, other than the traditional Rubik’s Cube.

Before you buy someone a Rubik’s Cube, you should first consider their turning style, and the cubes I recommend on this page are somewhat adaptable for turning styles, depending on the lubricant that they use on it.

Qualities of a Good Speedcube

Speedcubing is an action of someone, usually called a speedcuber, timing themselves while solving a Rubik’s cube. The most used method is called the Fridrich Method, or CFOP (Cross-F2L-OLL-PLL). This method uses corner-cutting, or when the cube is misaligned by some amount, it will still be able to turn. Most modern speedcubes are able to cut around 45, or more, degrees in normal corner cutting, when the corner isn’t overlapping the center.

However, the problem with corner-cutting isn’t normal, it’s the reverse corner-cutting, which is when the corner overlaps with the center, and most speedcubes can do two-thirds to a whole piece of reverse corner-cutting, depending on which cube it is. Because of this, they can call corner twists, making the cube unsolvable without twisting the corner back correctly.

The other issue is that when you’re corner-cutting, you have the problem of “pops,” or when a piece, or pieces, come out of the cube, and you have to put them back together correctly, or it will be unsolvable. Most speedcubes on the market today do not have this problem, but if they’re too loose, they can still pop.

Different Cubes for Different People

Budget Cube

The price of the cube is mainly a factor if they aren’t extremely dedicated to speedcubing, or just cubing in general. If you are looking to buy a bunch of cubes for a very low price as well, then I would suggest the Qiyi Warrior W 3×3 This cube is very good for beginner speedcubers, or for a group of speedcubers, because it is only $4 US dollars usually, but it is currently on sale for $1.99 US dollars, without tax. This is, in my opinion, the best budget cube, as they are called, because it has the best corner-cutting (compared to other budget cubes), one of the cheapest 3×3’s, and is very fast for a budget cube.

Mid-Range Cube

In my opinion, the best mid-range priced speed-cube is the Qiyi Thunderclap, and it is only $9 US dollars. It is a great speedcube, and many professional speed-cubers use this cube as their main. If you’re trying to get faster, but still above (in my opinion) 45 seconds to a minute, then I would suggest getting this cube. I suggest getting this cube because it has really good corner-cutting for the price (around 60-70 degrees), and can be adapted easily for other people’s turning styles.

High-End Cube

If you are buying a cube for already an advanced speedcuber, or you know that you’re very dedicated to speedcubing, then I would suggest one of three cubes. Qiyi Valk 3, Moyu Weilong GTS, or the Gans 356 Air. These three speedcubes are all the best three speedcubes currently on the market. The Qiyi Valk 3 is only 55 mm, so if you are also trying to get someone into one-handed solving, or they’re trying to get much faster, then this is the speedcube for them. Otherwise, I would probably go with the Moyu Weilong GTS because the Gans 356 Air is hard to set up, and requires a lot of work to set it up correctly. As well as being the most expensive on this list, it is the one with the most options, coming in different versions, but the more expensive it is, the more you get. However, if you have the money for the Air, then you might like it, because it has more adjustable features than most other cubes on the market.


All in all, each and every speedcube is different, and because of this, it is a requirement to do your research first. Look at reviews on youtube from other speedcubers before you make your final choice.

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