Godelieve Tshimanga, The Next Anderson Cooper

Sophomore Godelieve Tshimanga has a unique passion: journalism and broadcasting. To most kids, journalism is just that boring stuff that their parents or grandparents watch and read, while to Godelieve it’s a future career. To Godelieve, journalism is a way to help and inform people.

She’s been interested in journalism and broadcasting since first watching Being Mary Jane in the seventh grade. The show follows a strong, African-American female lead working her way through the field of journalism and broadcasting. 

I saw the preview and was like ‘Oh my god! That looks like a really interesting show!” Godelieve said, her eyes wide. “Then when I started watching it and thought, ‘ugh this is kind of boring’ but then it started getting into real life situations that could really happen. So I was like ‘oh, this makes sense! I could do that too. I can see myself doing that too.’”

While the character Mary Jane is a strong influence towards Godelieve’s path in journalism world, her real life influence is her older sister.

“My older sister definitely inspires me, not in this field, but just in general. Like life in general, the way she handles herself in life situations, it’s how I want to be in the future.”

When asked about what specifically in journalism she’d want to do, instead of shying away, she told the blunt truth.

“I’d like to be on national news, just because like local news it’s not as like…its just like who’s around you you, you know? I want everyone to say and know my name, you know?”

Godelieve admits that while her strength in writing will help her in the future, she admits that her biggest weakness could eventually come back to bite her.

“My biggest weakness is not asking for help. And I’m pretty sure it’s going to hurt me because it’s just like, if you need the help, just ask for it. But because I’m so, like,  strong-willed I don’t want to seem like I’m weak or dependent on somebody else,” Godelieve said.

Godelieve suspects that she will be able to push past this, to reach her end goal in the field of journalism: a national news anchor. When asked whether she could see herself reaching this goal, she gave a few pearls of laughter while answering.

“Of course! That’s the main goal, to get to be in the field. But, like, specifically I just want to be the female version of Anderson Cooper. Up there, his platform, and everything. That’s where I want to be.”

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