Video Games and Isaac Osmundson

For many high school students, video games are just a fun pastime, but for senior Isaac Osmundson, they mean much more. Video games brought his family together.

“We didn’t really have much to talk about,” Isaac said, describing his family dynamic before video games were introduced to him.

He had always watched his parents play games, but it wasn’t until sixth grade that he was allowed to join in as well.

As he became more interested in playing games, the bond with his family grew stronger. He explains how suddenly, the family was given a topic to discuss at the dinner table.

“[After video games], we had something in common.” Isaac said.

Isaac played many games, but when he found the app Hearthstone, gaming became more than just a fun thing to do in spare time.

“I’m one of the top 200 players in the American region,” Isaac explained. “The game deals with cards, you attack the other player and try to get their health down.”

As Isaac became better and better, he knew it was time to take it to the next level. He joined a team online, and they started to travel to play in tournaments. They were good, taking home large sums of money when they placed.

For the future, Isaac hopes to continue playing and competing. He hopes to even make a living from it, by streaming himself playing the game online.

“Video games allowed us to bond as a family. [I love it because] it is something I can improve at and do well.” Isaac said.

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