Champaign Central’s Varsity Tennis Player

Seventeen year old, Emily Foster is a senior at Central High School. She has played tennis for three years on Central’s tennis team. This is her first year on varsity.

Foster got into tennis because of her friend. She said it was less painful than volleyball.

“It’s definitely harder than JV,” Foster said.  “But it’s more fulfilling to play varsity games.”

Central recently beat Mahomet on August 21st, which was Foster’s first win as a varsity player.

“During my doubles match, we were the last ones playing so everyone was cheering us on and it felt really good,” Foster recounted.

For Foster, tennis has made her high school experience here more eventful.

“Tennis gives me something to do for the beginning months [of the school year]. It also gives me something to do with all of the friends that I made,” Foster said.

Foster stopped playing volleyball after eighth grade, and she picked up a tennis racquet her sophomore year.

“Everyone on the team is very nice and there’s no drama,” Foster said. “The coaches are very chill, so there is less pressure.”

As her last year at Central High School, Foster is trying to make the most of her time on Central’s varsity tennis team.

“I’m looking forward to playing as many varsity matches as I can, since this is my last year,” Foster said. “I’m also looking forward to staying close to the friends that I’ve made and not losing those friendships when the season is over.”

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