Charlie Wood: What is His Perspective on Life?

“You know that when I was little, most kids would be ordering chicken fingers. My parents never let me do that.” Charlie Wood, a 17-year-old senior at Champaign Central High School said. “They said they didn’t want to raise chicken finger kids. They’d always make me order wierd things off of the adult menu.”

As a young kid, Charlie was encouraged to do things that other kids weren’t doing.

“There was definitely an attitude to how I was raised, to try to just embrace stuff, and try new things,” Charlie said. “It made me a lot more open to stuff. I don’t get stuck in one way of thought.” 

When Charlie was in 8th grade, he went bungee jumping with his cousins, an experience that most kids don’t have.

“It was really fun. I had the opportunity so I just took it,” Charlie said.

Charlie is adventurous in food as well. He has eaten foods that most people wouldn’t even think of trying.

“I’ve had eel, octopus, and even shark one time.” Charlie said. “They tasted good; I liked it.”

Charlie thinks that more people should have the perspective he has, always trying new things, even if you don’t think you’ll like them.

“I just think that people in general should be more open in general,” Wood said. “I think that people shouldn’t get stuck in one viewpoint and one perspective. It’s a big world with lots of limitations, so why limit yourself to just one view or one idea.”

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