Figure Skating and Karinna Veltze

When most people think of sports, the majority of the time it’s only the big 4: Football, Basketball, Baseball, and Soccer. But Central junior Karinna Veltze has been doing another sport that isn’t in the majority: Figure Skating.

Veltze has been participating in figure skating events for the last 9 years. She has really enjoyed the experience because it has let her meet new friends and have a afterschool activity and it helped bring her family closer.

“My dad showed me at a young age how to skate and I fell in love with it,” Karinna said.

She learned how to skate from her dad who used to play hockey in Austria as a kid. This helped bring them closer as a family because it gives them something to talk about that both of them have experience in.

One of the things that makes figure skating fun for Karinna is that it was a way for her to meet new friends.

“Figure skating was a way that my family could bond over,” Veltze said.

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