Keagan Shores: Genius

Keagan Shores is the genius among us breezing through all the Math and Science classes that give his classmates hell.

He is in his element with the numbers and the logic puzzles, and it’s shocking what he can do with it. He can tell you the number of moves it will take each time to solve a Rubik’s Cube. He can solve Math problems like a human calculator. He is by all standards a genius.

One wouldn’t necessarily expect it though. He stands at six foot four inches with a large build and he is usually found in a corner focused on himself or whatever game or Rubik’s Cube he has with him, but he has still faced challenges.

“i was bullied from 3rd till 9th grade and I think it only stopped because I got bigger, and people didn’t bother anymore” Keagan said. 

“In first grade they said I wasn’t smart enough to make the gifted program, but I did that.” Keagan said.

Since then, he has aced Math classes throughout his life and he scored 100% on the Physics final. Keagan brags that he is in the 98th percentile of Math and Science on standardized tests.

 “My dad is my biggest motivator because before going into construction he wanted to do Computer Science,” Keagan said. “My brother takes to Science the same way I do to Math.”

Keagan’s older cousins helped him develop into the person that he is today.

“I was playing these games and I was actually winning,” Keagan said. 

His family supports his dreams of being a computer software engineer.

“Being a computer software engineer is the intersection of the math the science and the computing,” he said.

Keagan has already started down that path. He has already built a website on his own completely from scratch to help people with Math. Keagan has always dreamed of attending the University of Illinois in order to start his career. He hopes to do some good and make a good living doing it.  

“I want to make life easier for other people,” Keagan said. “I also want to make computers work better.”

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