Musical Money – Sarah Money

For 17-year-old Champaign Central senior Sarah Money, music is a family affair.

Sarah Money’s interest in classical music stemmed from her brother’s interest in the art.

“He started first, so I wanted to too” Sarah said. “He quit playing classical music and he started guitar in college and still is very good.”

This experience inspired her to choose her own instrument, but her options were limited. She could only choose from the violin, viola, cello, and bass.

“Cello’s were the only ones that got to sit all the time…I was a very lazy child” Sarah recalled from her past.

She began taking private lessons in the first grade, and her teacher made a significant impact on her in music and life.

“When I started with her I wasn’t amazing. I was decent but she really pushed me and makes me play stuff I’m not necessarily comfortable with.”

While not her future career, Money believes that all young people should have an experience playing an instrument.

“I would highly push music towards them because i can’t imagine not surrounding people with music.”

For Money, music helped her develop new skills and a new perspective on life.

“Learning how to play music helps with creativity. It allows you to see things a little bit differently.”

Besides just skills, Money believes that playing an instrument has other advantages as well.

“Musicians all band together. So when you join the music community, you join a big community of passionate people.”

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