Are Your ACT Scores Wrong?

Students who took the ACT on September 9th might want to recheck their scores, as there has been a major misstep. 

Students all over the country have reported getting wrong scores. Students who were used to getting mid thirties scores are now receiving low twenties. ACT admitted to an error in their process.

The mess up was mainly to blame on the new essay scoring.

In the past, the ACT essay is scored out of 12. The test planned to change this to now score out of 36, but it did not exactly work out. Students had a lack of understanding for the change, and those who were preparing according to the old system were not ready for the new.

“Converting the writing results to a 1-to-36 scale made sense conceptually, but in practice it created confusion among some students” Stated Suzana Delanghe, the ACT Chief Commercial Officer.

“[Students] suddenly took the ‘new’ test and ended up with a strong composite score (30-36), but virtually all our students were getting super low writing scores in the low 20’s. Imagine getting a 36 composite, which equates to an 800/800 on the SAT, but getting a 23 Writing score, which would convert to a low 400 score on the SAT.” states a major college blog, Toptier Admissions.

As a result, the test is revising their essay section. The essay will stay the same, but they are going back to their old grading method, by scoring the essay out of 12 instead of 36.

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