Dropping Money on the Dance Floor

While the majority of Central high schoolers look forward to homecoming, for many students the cost associated with going to these dances are too much.

Homecoming tickets are only $5 per person, but the real costs are with the traditions connected to the dance.

“I spent $200 on my dress. I never wore it again. It’s hanging in the closet,” sophomore Raven Taylor said.

Not everyone goes out and spends hundreds of dollars on a dress that they’re only going to wear once.

“I didn’t have to get a new dress, it was actually a hand me down from someone,”  junior Shalene Devore said

It’s not just the young women who bear the costs of dances. The young men have costs as well, but the costs are admittedly much lower.

“I might buy a new tie, but I’ll just re-wear a shirt that I already had.” senior Charlie Wood said.

Other students get creative with ways to cut the costs of going to the dances. Some students don’t have the money to buy an expensive dress or suit to save money and save for something more important to them.

“I wore a romper because everybody was already wearing dresses,” sophomore Godelieve said.

Though, others do not think that it is that easy to break from standard dress conventions.

“Some people want to stand out or have a competition with other people to see who dresses better,” sophomore Tiara Ware said.

Though many students would like to reduce the cost of dances, undermining the pre-existing traditions about the dress code is going to be difficult.

“It’s a dance. Why show up dressed normally  you are wasting your time and money coming looking like you do going to school?” Godelieve said.


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