JV Cheerleading: The Hard Road to Winning

Champaign Central’s JV Cheerleading team has a lot to learn. This year, the JV Cheerleading team has 11 freshman. Unlike middle school, high school cheerleading is a whole different beast.

“High school cheer is different from middle school cheer because they are more strict,” a freshman on JV said.

Freshman cheerleaders have a hard time adapting to this new criteria and returners on JV have no choice but to help.

“There’s just more things you have to learn,” Terrykah said.

So many new freshmen are still learning skills which creates a dangerous situation. Injuries have happened this season.

“Because the flyers are just now learning we are in danger of getting hurt,” a returning cheerleader from last year said.


The JV cheer team may be made up of a lot of younger  members, but they are determined to show everyone that they are just as good as anyone else.

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