Walk It Off: Youth Sports Injuries

From torn ligaments to small muscle strains, if you have played a sport you have probably suffered some type of sports injury. High school athletes in the united states account for 2 million injuries per year, 500,000 doctor visits and 30,000 hospitalizations per year.

A sports injury, according to the encyclopedia of children’s health, “is a result from acute trauma or repetitive stress associated with athletic activities. This can affect every part of the body, muscles bones ligaments nerves, and can range from minor soreness and pain to complete fractures and tears.” How are these injuries handled at central high school?

Jackson Skube a senior at Central and member of the varsity football team is currently out with a torn ligament in his hand.

“It happened in the Centennial game, but they said it was fine so I kept playing… It wasn’t until the next game that it became so bad I couldn’t play and the doctors said I had torn a ligament”.

The biggest part of youth sports injury is reporting, when injuries take place they have to be reported and treated otherwise they get worse. The best solution however is preventing the injuries in the first place and at Central there are a couple things that help

The number one cause of an increased risk of injury is specialization at a young age, when young athletes focus on one sport at a young age they increase the risk of overuse injuries. Central encourages multi-sport athletes and therefore helps encourage a reduction in overuse injuries. The second is a return to play policy this is used for injuries to test an athlete’s ability to play at full capacity after an injury and it helps to prevent players from coming back too early. And the third is a close working relationship with sports medicine professionals that can advise players and coaches and treat injury.

Any sports program’s goal is to keep athletes healthy, but with injury rates climbing Champaign Central is doing its part to create safe and healthy young athletics program.   

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