Waste ITs weekend

As the temperatures stayed hot throughout September, many students were fleeing to the dark, air conditioned solace of a movie theater to see the newest blockbusters.

Some students are interested in scary movies, while other students are interested in more action-thrillers. People like the feeling of anticipating scares.

“I have seen IT, Hitsman Bodyguard and Wonder Women, Friends Request. I felt disappointed by Hitman Bodyguard just didn’t fit its hype for a overall movie it just…… didn’t do enough for what current movies are doing at the moment. Friends request was a terrible movie. To bad to explain and wonder women and IT fit my expectations for a movie,” said a student who wished to remain anonymous.

He didn’t like some of these movies because, they didn’t fit the hype that was given to certain movies. So maybe giving too much exposure to a movie could hurt it because the expectation.

“I’m looking forward to Deadpool 2. The first movie was extremely good and I have higher expectations for the next movie.”

These movies sounded interesting because their trailers were really well done or the name of the movie already had power in the movie industry.

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