Sorry for the long absence, but check out our new Podcast!

Sorry for the long delay in publishing articles, but we have been working hard on something that we think you will like. 

We would like to introduce Champaign Central’s Chronicle Podcast!

(iTunes is taking a few days to update, so if episodes are not showing up yet be sure to check back in a few days)

We chose “nostalgia” as the theme for our first series of episodes which gave us the opportunity to talk about so many of our favorite things from our childhood.

You may like listening to Reagan and Godelieve talk about their favorite (and least favorite) Disney Channel Original Movies, or perhaps you might like to laugh about your favorite Vines with Karinna and Emily. 

There are many more episodes to listen to on iTunes, and there are many more episodes on the way. Be sure to subscribe in your favorite podcast player so that you don’t miss any new content! We’re currently working on the next batch which should be released in April.


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