How a Broken Bathroom is an Example of Our Broken School System

As all students know, Central High School is in disrepair. Recently, a girl’s bathroom in the school lacked proper sink facilities. For about a week, the sinks in the girl’s bathroom on the second floor did not have running water. This issue posed a major health and safety concern for all students and faculty of the school. 

Senior S. Caroline Dickerson used the bathroom when the sinks were out of commission and detailed her struggles. “I did my business and approached the sink with soap in my hands, but there was no water… I tried to use my water bottle at the water fountain to wash off the soap, then, I tried to use the hand sanitizer on the wall, but it was filled with soap!”

Dickerson went to extreme lengths in an attempt to complete the basic task of washing her hands. And it didn’t turn out very successful, “My hands were sticky for hours.”

When Dickerson returned to class and reported the problem to her teacher, there was no surprise in his voice or effort made to report the problem. “‘Old pipes’” was the only response.

These maintenance issues affect more than just the students; staff members have voiced their concerns about health and safety matters. Math teacher Erin Carmichael knows how these problems are handled and how they can interfere with day to day teaching and learning.

Ms. Carmichael, previously unaware of the situation said that the ongoing state of disrepair was typical of Central. “If I need anything fixed I have to send multiple emails… for anything to happen.”

The unfairness to students is something that Carmichael stressed. She said that it goes back to the quality of education that students receive and that they should worry about their studies instead of running water at school.

My own attempts to contact Assistant Principal Stillman and custodial staff were unsuccessful.

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