Marching Band Never Ending Setbacks

The 2018 Marching Maroons have faced many unexpected setbacks. Football games, rain, and heat days are the main events which have reduced the band’s practices and shows. The original schedule for the Marching Maroons consisted of five football game performances and four competitions. However, as of September 27, the marching band has performed once during a football game and at one competition. There are only 14 rehearsals left until the season is over.

When asked about this, Grace, a member of the color guard shares her thoughts as well as some background information.

“I’m sad because we suck. We’d be better if we had more practice… we look bad. I have a teacher who knows higher ups and he told us all the games against Danville and Urbana will be on Saturday Mornings.”

A majority of marching band students participate in other sports and many of their events are scheduled on Saturday mornings thus clashing with the chance to perform at the football games. Around half of the band would not be accountable for halftime performces which gives the band a bad reputation as the formations will look incomplete.

Addison, a section leader for the saxophones, goes into detail on how she feels about these setbacks. 

“My opinion on the football games is that the experience we could have had for the football games is lost for competitions. Our first time performing the full show in uniform was our second planned competition. The first one being canceled was really upsetting to me. I really enjoy competitions because it gives the band a chance to see other people perform.”

Many students feel the same. Diana is a flute player in the marching band and also shares her perspective. 

“My thoughts on the canceled and moved football [games] because of the community is not fair, and kinda makes me mad.”

The Saturday football games aren’t the only things that get in the way of the band’s progress, it’s also the weather that causes problems. Rain causes problems as it forces the band to stay inside so no equipment gets ruined. Heat days let the students out of class early and inhibits them from working on the field those days. Diana, a flute player in the marching band, gives her perspective.

“The canceled practice because of rain and heat, it’s alright, we can’t control the weather. I’m kind of happy, more neutral. Happy because the heat days make it too hot to do anything… the rain is the same, but instead of heat its rain we can’t control… neutral because we could be doing more.” Says Diana.

Despite these setbacks, most students keep their heads held high. Many look on the bright side of things and focus on how much they’ve improved.

In Addison’s words, “The marching band has actually progressed a lot. As a section leader, I’m really proud of the freshman that have come in and learned all the basics so quickly.”

Throughout the season, the students have made an immense amount of progress. The second performance they’ve had was on September 22 and landed them in second place. Even though there have been many obstacles, the band persevered and will go on to perform in two more competitions with high hopes of claiming first place.

Some last thoughts added by Addison, “It’s a lot of stuff to remember and it’s impressive that we can all do that so efficiently.”


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