How Young People will Change Democracy

Ahead of this year’s midterm election on November 6th, local students have been emphasizing the importance of voting and advocating for their beliefs. These students, many unable to vote themselves, have started organizations to voice their concerns to the local, state, and national government.

The C-U Student Activist Organization was founded earlier this year following the Parkland shooting in Florida. The organization originally began as the C-U chapter for March For Our Lives, but has evolved to advocate for other civil rights issues affecting teens. They have held meetings to advocate for local democratic candidates, call senators, and hold rallies.

A typical meeting for C-U SAO involves planning for upcoming events. A recent gathering was spent preparing for a rally at the Champaign County Courthouse protesting Brett Kavanaugh’s swearing in to the Supreme Court. “[W]e spent time contacting people like the media, finding a rally location, and looking at different policies to see if there would be legal implications.” a representative told the Chronicle.

This year more than ever, the media, organizations, and individuals have been encouraging people to exercise their right to vote. Even around Central, students show their political preference through chromebook stickers, shirts, or social media.  


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