The Legalization of a Drug

Marijuana – a drug used for the help of anxiety, depression, insomnia, etc. It’s also known for the cons like the loss of brain cells or it being a “gateway drug.” The medical use of marijuana is legal in few states; one being Illinois.

J.B Pritzker, new governor-elect of Illinois, sees marijuana for the pros over the cons. Pritzker has stated, “The path forward for Illinois is clear: we need to legalize marijuana.” He has planned to legalize recreational use by the beginning of next year in support of creating more jobs, easing mental/physical disorders, and recreational use.

The real question is, how will this affect students?

I got the chance to sit down with Autumn Brown about this topic. When asked how this will affect her, she merely stated, “I see it as a positive thing. The number of jobs that will be made from it is incredible, and I feel like marijuana is a good way to help people with issues they might have.” I also asked her how this would personally affect her and she said, “The only way I’ll be affected by it is by seeing how much happier people are. Weed is so looked down upon and it’s completely bogus.”

Later that day, I was also given the chance to sit down with Hailey Mellor. Hailey is a new student here, so I was able to get a perspective on how people new to Illinois might feel about it. The first thing I asked Hailey was how she felt about moving to a new state where it’s already medical, and now it’s about to become legal. She responded with, “It’s kind of surprising. Where I’m from, people view weed as this derogatory thing. Everyone here seems to accept it for the positive ways it affects people. I love it.” Then I asked her how she would be personally affected by this and she stated, “I don’t feel like I’ll be personally affected, but I’ll be happy for everyone who is.”

Marijuana is something that has been looked down upon for ages. The legalization in Illinois is not a shock though. This has been a long time coming for this state. One of Pritzker’s lead campaign is the legalization of marijuana. It’s the main reason a lot of people voted for him.

Will this affect students in the way they hope?

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