The Midterms, and How it Affects Our State Senate and Government.

The midterms, a topic that has been focused on for the past two weeks. The public eye is most interested in the races for the US House of Representatives and the US Senate. This article will focus on the changes that come with our very own Illinois Senate.

Before the election the Republicans held the clear majority in the senate. The election had 39 out of 59 seats up for grabs; a chance for the Republicans to further their gains and for the Democrats to take control.

When looking at the election data, the first shock is how many Senators ran unopposed, nearly half of the candidates ran this way. Another fact which is not as shocking is that most of the projected winners were incumbents.

Now onto the results. The Democrats swept through the State Senate, keeping their three-fifths majority and even gaining some seats. Now the average voter may be thinking ¨Oh cool, Democrats have a majority in the State Senate, why should I care?¨

The effects of this election are massive, the Democrats now have a Governmental Trifecta. This means that the Democrats have control of the State Senate, State House and Governor’s Office. Illinois also join 13 other states where the Democrats have a Governmental Trifecta. This means that Democrats can pass laws with minimal resistance.

The election allows J.B. Pritzker to fulfill his campaign promises with few hiccups. Some of his policies include but are not limited to: expanding healthcare, protecting net neutrality, and legalizing recreational marijuana.

The midterms have had a insurmountable impact on this country, these are only the massive impacts it has had on one state in our union. No matter what side of the aisle you stand on, all can see that the midterms have had a massive impact on the Land of Lincoln.

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