Where to go to lunch is always a tough choice, especially when you don’t have money.
When I asked them to tell me where they went for lunch everyday, junior, Liara, told me, “Well, every Wednesday, me and my friends like pick a new place to go and so it could be like we’ve gone to Pekara and… we’ve gone to Panda and… Culvers and Meatheads and That Burger Joint.” She also told me that her parents don’t pay for when she goes out to eat, “But, I have to pay for it, like with my own money… that’s why I limit myself to only go out once a week and all the other days I go home.” She also added that fifty minutes wasn’t enough time to not not feel rushed and to have a nice lunch.

Senior Grace said, “I go to Cactus Grill… I don’t really go out that much anymore, I’m broke, but Cactus, Dos [Reales]… Harvest Market, Panera sometimes, places on campus are good, but parking is bad… Vinny’s Pizza. I think that in general… it’s annoying because we have fifty minutes and there aren’t like a whole lot of close food options and you have to come back and park and walk and so you really don’t have that much time to eat, but what’s worse is the only fifty minutes for open lunch I can never go home, like I can but only for like two minutes, that’s because I live so far away.”

They both said that fifty minutes wasn’t enough time to eat lunch without feeling rushed. They also said that if they want to go out to lunch they have to pay with their own money. They both don’t go out to lunch everyday because it’s really expensive.

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