Different Generations, Same Conversations: Senior Favorites in 1987 and 2019

Central’s held up well over the years. Some things have changed, and others, not so much. Using the 1987 yearbook and a 2019 survey, the following tables are a compilation of what students of their time, claim to be the best of the best in many categories. From favorite singers to favorite memories, here are comparisons of Central senior’s top five “favorites,” in 1987 and 2019.

1987 Favorite Singers/ Groups2019 Favorite Singers/ Groups
Whitney Houston
Bon Jovi
The Outfield
Post Malone
Maroon 5
Xxxtentacion (RIP)
Wiz Khalifa

Central’s seniors created a very different list of artists in 2019 than they did in 1987. Many more rappers have become popular recently, compared to 1987’s mainly pop artist list.

1987 Favorite Songs2019 Favorite Songs
You Give Love a Bad Name
Twist and Shout
Hotel California
Take My Breath Away
The Central Fight Song
Magic in the Hamptons
Love is Overrated
Talk to Me

In 1987, Central’s seniors showed more school spirit by choosing “The Central Fight Song” as one of their favorite songs. In 2019, Central’s seniors showed a wider range in music taste through their very different, favorite songs.

1987 Favorite Actors2019 Favorite Actors
Tom Cruise
Meryl Streep
Bill Cosby
Whoopie Goldberg
Tom Hanks
Seth Rogen
Jennifer Aniston
Michael B Jordan
Blake Lively
Mark Wahlberg

Most 1987’s favorite actors are still very well known today. They may not be the same as high school senior’s favorite actors now, but the talent and popularity of 1987 actors were not lost over the years.

1987 Favorite Movie2019 Favorite Movies
Top Gun
Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
Breakfast Club
About Last Night
Stand By Me
How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
Jurassic Park 3
Empire Strikes Back

Classic movies like “The Breakfast Club” and “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” are still watched today, as well as many great new action movies and dramas.

1987 Favorite Hangout2019 Favorite Hangout
Illini Union
Linda’s room
Morrisey Park
Where the L.K.’s aren’t
My little nook on campus to smoke
Anthony Erlinger’s House
The Devine’s Basement
Custard Cup
My house

A few places have changed, but the U of I’s campus and friends’ houses are still Central senior’s top favorite places to hang out.

1987 Favorite Sayings2019 Favorite Sayings
Like a dog
That is butt-ugly!
Golly gee no ossifer, we haven’t been drinking
You be illin’
That’s the ticket
Zoo wee mama!
Love that for me
Pass the luuj
We’re on dirt

Funny slang has changed over the years, but high schoolers are going to be high schoolers and say inappropriate things, whether it’s 1987’s “Golly gee no ossifer,” or 2019’s “pass the luuj.”

1987 Favorite Memory
The strike
Ditching the cops from Hessel one night, and ditching them from Yaxley’sthe next
Getting a ring with my prom dinner
Junior year band trip to Chicago
Playing football at Central
2019 Favorite Memory
Standing underneath a waterfall in the Grand Canyon with my aunt,
screaming at the top of our lungs
My first NBA game
Singing in the car with my brother
Spanish trip to Spain

Even though one year a student’s favorite memory was getting proposed to at the Central prom, and another year a student simply enjoyed singing in the car with her brother, highschool experiences over the years aren’t all that different. Through all the media and social change over the past 32 years, some things never changed. Whether it’s school trips to fun places or playing sports with your team, with the right people, at the right school, students 32 years apart can experience the same great things.

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