Remember When…

When junior Liara Aber was a freshman at Central High School, she got hit by a pear from three stories up, down on her head. She was walking with her friends on her way to class and someone above her dropped a pear and it hit her. Another example of something embarrassing that has happened to her is when someone pulled a chair out from under her and she fell and everyone laughed at her. This is just one of the many embarrassing moments that happens at Central.

Although there are a lot of embarrassing moments that has happened in the past four years, 1987 is the year of embarrassing moments. One example is when Kristi Lemmon was doing a crossword puzzle during during sex-education and she yelled to her friend, “It doesn’t fit!” I would be dying of laughter if someone said that during health class. Another example is when someone’s zipper broke on her mini skirt her freshman year and everyone laughed at her. Honestly, that just sucks. A third example is when Angela Seaman thought that the condo that her and her friend were babysitting at was on fire, and ran out with the dog and not the kid. I can picture this happening and thinking, “Oh shoot, we forgot the kid, we’re screwed if the parents find out, but good thing is we saved the dog.”

All of these examples are hella funny so I’m going to give you more. Jonathan Black scored two points during a basketball for the other team. I honestly have no idea how someone could possibly do that, how do you accidentally score for the other team. During a vice-versa dance Liz Deponal didn’t want to dance with her date so the band completely stopped the music and told her to go dance with him. I actually would have died of embarrassment if the whole freakin’ band stopped just to tell me to dance with my date.

In the last four years there has been embarrassing moments too, just not as funny, to be honest. Not going to name names, but one time during rollerblading someone’s pants ripped. That’s really embarrassing and that sucks and I bet everyone remembers that. Another example is when someone threw up during homecoming because she drank too much and everyone had to get breathalyzed. That just sucks for everyone who wants to drink at homecoming because it’s going to be a lot harder to hide it.  

Everyone has embarrassing moments that a lot of people remember, but you know what? It’s all good because every single person has embarrassing moments and everyone remembers something that has happened to another person.

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