All Hail the Queen: Frances Anderson

Central students might recognize Frances Anderson as our 2019 Homecoming Queen, however, she’s much more than just that. Between theatre, Student Council, the art program, Spanish Honor Society, and marching band, she’s become a prominent figure in Central’s culture. With both a homecoming crown and her varying awards for her academics, art, and good citizenship, Frances is a leader and a Queen.

As Homecoming Queen, Frances was shocked by the amount of recognition she received as queen, not only from students, but staff as well. When asked about what she thought about being in the court she said “I did not think I was going to get it.” The shock quickly turned into excitement when her name was called at the Homecoming football game. 

Last spring, Frances traveled to Italy on a school art trip, where she was inspired by the famous sculpture ‘David’ to continue her art studies. She plans on majoring in Art Administration. Between winning best in show at Central’s Art Show, and doing an internship at the Gilbert Art Gallery, she’s well prepared for a future in art.

Frances’ citizenship achievements are quite impressive due to her dedication to being a leader and a student. With a Good Citizen award from the Daughters of the American Revolution, and her participation in Yale’s ambassador leader summit, she has established herself as an extraordinary individual. 

Frances is the current President of the Student Council and has been an officer for three years and is the current secretary of the National Honor Society. She has participated in marching band for all four years of her high school career as a flute player. She is also an active thespian in the theatre community, her most recent role is the Ancestor in the production of The Addams Family.

With all of these accomplishments, Frances has established herself as a noteworthy artist, student, and person. Frances has worked incredibly hard during her high school career to become a leader, a scholar, an artist, and a Queen.

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