Senior Athlete Spotlight: Ian Asklund

Name: Ian Asklund

Sport: Football

Position: Holder, Safety, Inside Linebacker, Quarterback.

The Chronicle does a “Senior Spotlight” for each sport season here at Central High School. This particular athlete was chosen by their coach, who has noticed their exemplary teamwork, dedication and character development throughout their senior season. Tim Turner, Maroons head football coach, described Ian Asklund to be the “ultimate team player.” The Maroons finished a great season of 4-5, with key wins against Richwoods and Centennial. Ian was interviewed to answer a few questions about his experience being a part of Maroons football.

  • How has being a part of Central Maroons Football impacted you as a person, and what has it taught you?

“It has definitely shaped me as a person and I think that football is going to be something that I enjoy for the rest of my life. It has taught me to have good character and integrity. Those guys on the team are my brothers.”

  • What are some things that you did to get in the zone before a game and maximize your performance?

“I have to each lunch before 1:30 and then I usually don’t eat after that because I am so nervous. I get my helmet stickers on and then I go and watch film. I then go and listen to a playlist that I have made up of my top favorite 10 songs.”

  • What was your favorite game of the season?

“I really liked the game against Richwoods, because we held them to about 20 rushing yards which was a big accomplishment for us. That was my favorite game to play as a team. I also like the game against Peoria High because it was a really good game for me personally.”

  • What would you say to an incoming freshman playing on the team next year? Any tips, tricks, or general advice on how to maximize the experience?

“Just enjoy it while you got it. Four years go by really quick, so take every opportunity to play. If coach tells you to play special teams, play it. You will get noticed so try your best and go hard.”

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