More Students Allowed to Shine at Spring Fling

Up until this school year, the student council has printed 500 tickets to sell for Homecoming, never having sold even close to that amount. This year, tickets were ripped in half just to be sure that everyone could have a ticket. What made this year’s Homecoming different is the new policy regarding dance attendance. Starting with 2019 Homecoming, the Maroon Mindset policy allowed for any student who had not been suspended within the time span of the most recent Maroon Mindset, or having gotten multiple discipline referrals, could attend any school dance. Even with discipline referrals, you can still commit “restorative acts” that will then allow you to attend a dance. This is the first year in Central’s history that essentially everyone can attend school dances. 

Student council sponsor Corinne Pennock said, “It’s a dance that should be for everyone, and everyone should be able to go.” She then explained that tickets are five dollars because she wants the dance to be accessible and that even with the low ticket price, that attendance policies were still stopping students from attending. This new policy is exciting for both Ms. Pennock and the student council because it’s “[A] little more pressure, but we’re also pumped to be able to actually serve the entire school, because that’s what student council is for: serving the school. Now we actually have opportunities to serve the whole school instead of select people that meet criteria.”

Following Homecoming’s smashing success, it has been decided that the dance attendance policy should remain intact for all future dances. Under this policy, there are currently only nineteen students who are unable to attend Spring Fling, and out of those students, the vast majority are allowed to commit restorative acts to allow them to attend Spring Fling. With the number of attendees for this year’s Homecoming, the student council is expecting between 350 and 400 people to attend Spring Fling this year, which is much more than in years past.

This year’s theme for Spring Fling is National Geographic: A Look Around the World. It will take place on March 7th from seven to ten p.m. Song requests are open on the student council Twitter or through the link sent to every student email in the daily announcements. Ms. Pennock and the student council hope to see you at this year’s Spring Fling!


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