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Pets, Pets, Read All About It!

This is Dunkin, he was a gift from my ex boyfriend last Valentine’s Day. He was a little baby when we got him, and I loved him so much, holding him every day and he’s just become my best friend since then. He was named Mocha by my ex but I renamed him Dunkin because he reminded me of a Dunkin’ Donuts iced coffee. Now he’s a loud, spoiled, and the boss of the house.





That’s me gettin’ my pigs on. Cookie and Oreo consider me their hairless ape slave and I must always bring veggie snacks at their beck and call.

My name is Hailey, and this is my old boy, Ninook! Ninook is about 11 years old and I have been with him for a long time. He is a Siberian Husky, but the vet is convinced he is a Malamute. We absolutely love each other, and our bond is like no other. He has helped me through a lot, even though he probably doesn’t understand that. Every time I walk in the door, we wags his tail and becomes full of energy. We like going to the dog park, doing tricks, and cuddles!!

the black one, Cohen, is very chill and friendly but doesn’t talk much and isn’t wild like the grey one, Delilah. Delilah is insane and does not like new people. she only tolerates me and is very skiddish and isn’t friendly unless she is around me. both of them can sense when i am sad and know how to comfort me!! Cohen was actually diagnosed with stomach cancer last week so we are spending as much time with him as possible and making him feel as comfortable as possible.

This is my bunny Migi, he’s a 2yo lionhead mix and i took him home when he was still a baby but an unwanted pet already. His names comes from an anime called Parasyte the Maxim where the alien parasyte Migi is curious about everything concerning human race. My Migi is curious about anything happening, so the name Migi is perfect for him. We chill together on the sofa everyday, he is the one that decides when you can pet him, he doesn’t come when called but if you have treats or touch his bowl he comes as an hungry velociraptor would. Everyday when i brush my teeth he comes to me and chills under the sink, he sometimes flops there (the position you see in the pic is a flop, it’s a sign of a bunny that is very content and relaxed and he is in the bathroom under the sink in this exact picture). He doesn’t listen to me at all and destroys everything, but he’s a cuddly little one and loves to spend time with me. I love him and he’s my baby.

Well we got her from a friend, it was kind of an in the moment thing She doesn’t help me do shit She’s a fucking demon unless she’s tired but she makes me happy cuz she’s an idiot but it’s funny

This is my cat, we got her a long time ago. She is funny and annoying and likes to cuddle with me. She is my favorite of all my pets.

This is my pet dog soxy, soxy and I are like bestfriend with a love/hate relationship. I was 10 years old when we first got her. She got her name soxy from my aunt because she look like she has on socks.