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What’s In Your Wallet?

You can tell a lot about a person based off of the contents of their wallet. Seriously, the amount of cards and ID’s and random pieces of paper that accumulate in our wallet over time can show a lot about a person’s personality, their daily activities, hobbies and even plans for the future. The following is a collection of several wallets, as well as the contents within them. What’s In Your Wallet?

  • Mr. Stanger

For example, this tells us a lot about Mr. Stanger’s personality: He is a LEGO VIP club member and a Sam’s Club member, accompanied with two VISA cards, a Discover card and a business card from the Office of the Public Defender, where Mr. Stanger’s wife works. As well as a valid Illinois drivers license. The wallet is also a memento from his honeymoon in Italy.

  • Graham O’Gorman

17 year old Junior at Central High School, Graham O’Gorman is a St. Louis Cardinals fan as well as an Illini fan, judging by his wallet. Graham said they are all tickets that were accidentally collected, after leaving them in his wallet. Some of the tickets date back to 2015. Graham has a Central High School activities pass, as well as a school library card and a valid 2018-2019 school ID.

  • Marco Barbeiri

Marco simply carries around some cash and his valid Central High School 2018-2019 I.D.

  • Jacob Jones

17 year old Senior, Jacob Jones says that his wallet consists of two gift cards, a credit card, two ID’s, one being a state ID and the other a valid Illinois drivers license. Among other things, he carries a fishing license as well as a military ID card.

  • Nathan Stanley

Former Central High School student, Nathan Stanley says that his wallet consists of a debit card, health insurance card as well as a dental insurance card. He also carries his Firearm Owners Identification Card around with him at all times. Among other things, Walgreens and AutoZone cards, a valid Illinois state ID as well as some old coupons and punch cards from clutch hair cuts.

  • Samuel Blankenship

Central High School Senior, Samuel Blankenship says that in his wallet, he keeps his buss pass, some extra cash, his credit card, his valid Illinois State ID, and old school ID from Sophomore year, a library card, drivers permit as well as a Kopi Cafe coupon and Ice Arena Pass. Planning ahead for the future in his search for potential colleges, Sam also has a business card from the DePaul Theater School as well as his Thespian pass.

  • Brody Stumph

Central High School Sophomore, Brody Stumph, also planning for the future has both a US Navy and United States Marine Corps recruitment cards in his wallet, along with his Central Maroons Activity Pass and Central High School library card.


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